Thursday, August 26, 2010


Images from my summer

It has been so long since I blogged. I was feeling the Jewish guilt about it as I started this post. But I have decided that guilt is an unnecessary emotion in my life, and is taking up emotional space that could be better devoted to other emotions. I will spare you a list ;)

I realized that one of the reasons for the gaps is because I get so sidetracked by the MORE that I want to be involved in. Someone gave me that word one time...about the MORE that was in me. In my mind, that means neatly separated into boxes with labels, to be taken out and enjoyed one at a time.  Art, cooking, music, creativity. 

BUT I have realized that it is really supposed to be drippy and running together like the painting at the end of A Thomas Crown Affair. Smeared and messy and deliciously mixed up and dripping all over my life. Do you know the clip I refer to?

For your viewing pleasure:
The best 6:39 of movie viewing ever. is to the exploration of that realization....

Happy Thursday.