Friday, September 16, 2011

Passion, capitalism, and small bidnesses...

While we were away on our runawayfromhome vacation...we stopped at this hole in the wall (literally, you ordered at a window) hot dog place. Mostly because it was random looking and had a huge line of locals. That's always a good sign. We had a reuben there that was actually pretty good. As usual, I have no pictures of the food. 
While we were waiting for the sandwich, I was captivated by this huge billboard next to the order window that had all kinds of business cards. I  confess I was looking for designs/ideas/geniusness to steal. But I was struck by how they were all small businesses. 
Dog walkers, a/c repair, plumbers, hair stylists, etc. And the cool thing about some of them is that I know the person behind it had a dream or an idea or saw a need and knew they could fill vacant space with their idea or dream or skill. And more than just fill the space...they could pay their bills and feed their families. There was one woman who's card said "Chelsea's Passion." I am not sure what exactly she did...but her business name was so fantastic and said it all. 
I have the utmost respect for hard working people, and I have even more respect for small business owners. I don't think there is another country now or ever where you can so easily imagine something, make it happen, and make money doing it. 
So much opportunity in this country...someone I know (and heart) said one time that if you are willing to work hard enough you can build an empire in this country. 
I say amen to that.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Vacation of sorts

I just returned from a small vacation in Charleston, SC. I feel like a new person. 

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Etsy Shop!

So finally, after many months of working on it little by little and putting it on the back burner, I finally moved it to the front burner and opened an Etsy shop!
I am hoping for big things...or at least a snowball effect...something that starts small and grows....I know it's a work in progress and I am learning as I go...
A few special people ordered already and I so appreciate the support :)
If you want to visit, click on the link below. Here is a preview.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Monday, September 5, 2011

Indian Festival

This weekend we stumbled on an Indian Festival in downtown. 
We were having a "staycation" and spent several hours at the festival. 
There was so much food and music and funny elephant pictures for sale and saris and henna and people smelling like curry and fenugreek because it was so hot. 
Actually, I am fairly certain I smell like fenugreek today.

I love Indian food with my whole heart. How did I not get any pictures of the food??? My picture taking skills at such things need improvement. I can't ever balance out the desire to take pictures for posterity and memories (ok really just to sit in folders in iPhoto) and not taking pictures in order to blend in/enjoy the moment/not look like a tourist. Which is also good sometimes when you are in say a foreign country where being an American tourist marks you for higher prices and possibly worse. 

We ate so much...and it was so good. 
Even mediocre Indian food is good because it usually has all the spices that make me swoon.
AND they had Bollywood music and dancing. How fun is that?